Charity Music’s “The Sound Booth”

Charity Music introduced the Musical Instrument Sound Booth to our community in 2012, based on similar programs in the Midwest. Recently renamed The Sound Booth, this activity gives children and adults a chance to have an up-close look at over 100 musical instruments and actually play these instruments under the supervision of Music Mentor volunteers. Parents have repeatedly expressed delight after seeing their children try out instruments in our Sound Booth, and many have advanced into music lessons.

The Sound Booth Goals

To provide children and adults the opportunity to explore the various families of musical instruments
To provide hands-on opportunities to touch, feel, and play string, wind, brass, and percussion instruments

The Sound Booth Outcomes

Participants learn to identify the family to which a given instrument belongs
Children learn the proper way to hold and play a musical instrument
Young children delight in having a musical instrument respond to their attempts to play it
Adults who have not played an instrument since high school discover that the ability to make beautiful sound from the instrument is still present
Both children and adults often seek further instruction or lessons
Adults often begin practicing their instruments again and participate in local ensembles

The Sound Booth Accomplishments

The Sound Booth has been featured in over 150 Festival, creating hands on musical experiences for over 45,000 participants.
The Sound Booth has been requested by over 50 Schools, and is expected to benefit over 10,000 students in the upcoming school year.

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