Charity Music’s Gift of Music Program

Charity Music launched the Musical Instrument Loan Program in 2012, as a community service project which allows Charter Schools, and other deserving organizations, the opportunity to implement music programs at a substantially reduced rate. The program provides sheet music and over 25 various musical instruments to choose from.

Instrument Loan Program Goals

To provide entry level music program opportunities to schools and organizations that could not otherwise afford such programs.
To provide cost effective string, wind, brass, and percussion instruments

Instrument Loan Program Outcomes

Participants are allowed the opportunity to establish low cost arts related programs.
Children learn the proper way to hold and play a musical instrument
Young children delight in having a musical instrument respond to their attempts to play it
Schools discover that the ability to create a music program is well within their budget.
Students often seek additional after school music related activities and participate in local ensembles.

The Musical instrument Loan Program provides Musical Instruments to at-risk and disadvantaged youth wishing to explore their hidden musical talents, as well as the Adopt A School program conducted in support of schools starting a Music Program.

1) Charity Music wishes to be the premier service organization which provides musical instruments at no charge, to other nonprofit organizations serving at-risk and disadvantaged youth.

2) Provide Musical Instruments at a reduced rental charge to those in need.

3) Assist Schools in starting a music program through the Charity Music Adopt A School program

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