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Charity Music Founder Roger Fachini Sr. held the belief that all children have musical talent, they just need the opportunity to access an instrument. He started Charity Music in 1996 to provide musical instruments to at-risk and disadvantaged youth who wouldn’t have access otherwise.

Over the course of the past 23 years, Charity Music has continued on with Fachini’s vision by offering a whole host of unique musical opportunities to children in Southeastern Michigan. CEO Ted Collins oversees Charity Music in 2019 and runs four programs through our offices at PYREC (short for Pontiac Youth Recreation & Enrichment Center).

Here is a list of our current programs:

Instrument Loan Program

Charity Music provides low-cost musical instrument loan program to disadvantaged students and large groups such as schools or other educational facilities. If you’re in need of an instrument for your student or an entire class, we can help!

Beginner Band Classes

Every Monday and Wednesday, Charity Music hosts a Beginner Band class in our musical education room at PYREC. If you have a child who is nine to 14-years-old and is interested in learning an instrument, please bring them to a class to sign-up and start them on their musical journey.

The Sound Booth

Our traveling Sound Booth provides an interactive opportunity for children to see, hear and play a variety of instruments for the first time. Our on-staff music mentors are able to offer guidance and educate students on the instrument they are interested in and talk about our rental programs.

Notes of Appreciation

In order to give back to those who have given us so much, Charity Music supports our veterans through the “Notes of Appreciation” program. Through this program, we provide veterans with instruments and sheet music to veterans nationwide.

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