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Since our humble beginning in 1996, Charity Music has been providing Musical Instruments, and Music Education to at-risk and disadvantaged youth wishing to explore their hidden musical talents.


Musical Instrument Petting Zoo

Charity Music’s© The Sound Booth provides hands-on opportunities nationwide for children of all ages to touch, feel, and actually attempt to play over 50 different instruments.

Under the supervision of Music Mentor volunteers, participants also learn about the various families of musical instruments.

The Music Mentor volunteers typically consist of owners and employees from local Music Stores. Many Sound Booth participants advance into school music programs, and/or private music lessons.

Giving the Gift of Music

Charity Music’s Gift of Music program provides entry level start-up music opportunities to schools, and other deserving non profit organizations that could not otherwise afford to implement such programs.

In addition to free sheet music, there are over 25 various musical instruments to choose from, at a substantially reduced rental rate.

Schools that previously could not afford a music program are discovering that the ability to create a music program is well within their budget.

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